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Dr Munif Mohammed

Board of Trustee - Member

Dr. Munif Mohammed is a business professional with more than 40 years of experience in general management, corporate finance, commercial management, supply chain, and business development. He has held management and CFO roles in banking, food & beverages, building products, and retail businesses in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

In his professional career he has managed large scale supply chain restructuring project, led major acquisitions in food and beverages sector, implemented new ERP systems, and implemented new processes for long-term strategic planning.

For the past 15 years Munif have been running his own consulting business focusing on finance and business strategy. His consultancy business focuses on creating new ways to measure value creation in a resource-constrained world and how clients can use this shared learning to accelerate the transition to long-term business sustainability. 


Currently Munif is based in Dubai working with Lagardere Group, a French multi-national company operating in Travel Retail, Publication and Media sectors. He is the CEO for the businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Dubai office.


Munif is active in academic research. His main interests are in integrating sustainable thinking into business strategy. Research topics includes business strategy; management of all capitals; internalization of externalities; and monetary valuation of human capital. Munif holds a bachelor’s degree in economics & politics from University of Auckland and Executive MBA from University of New South Wales. In 2016, he completed his Doctorate in Business Administration from Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.

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