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AFG-Fiji looks forward to the continued support for youth from the new Fijian Government

Friday 23rd November, 2019.

The Alliance for Future Generations – Fiji [AFG) acknowledges and thanks all youth candidates that stood as political party candidates during the recent concluded 2018 National Elections. AFG acknowledges the courageous decision that they had individually made, to run for elections, and also acknowledges the support these youth leaders have received from family, friends and communities during the National Election Campaign period.

The National Elections have traditionally been dominated by older generations, and to see youth candidates in the 2018 elections’ is a significant indication, that youths are ready to take on leadership roles, including that of being part of the running of Government.

“Young people have been constantly heralded as the leaders of tomorrow yet are leading important changes in our society today – and should be recognized as Leaders of today”, said Mrs. Komal Narayan, the Executive Member of the Alliance for Future Generations – Fiji.

The AFG also commends young people who actively participated in the National Electoral Processes, during the campaigns and who turned up in numbers to cast their votes, where youths represented the largest voting bloc in Fiji.

AFG strongly believes in encouraging and supporting young people’s participation and leadership towards democracy and building a sustainable future for all, by promoting the voices and meaningful engagement of young people, and it is encouraging to see that young people are actively participating, and exercising their political rights, and civic duty.

Meanwhile, the Alliance for Future Generations would also like to congratulate all elected representatives and acknowledges their individual successes in the 2018 national elections. AFG looks forward to working closely with the Government as well as the members of the Opposition over the next four years to achieve a meaningful engagement for youth to address all issues faced by young people.

In particular, we look forward to work with the newly appointed Minister for Youth and Sports Mr Praveen Bala and the Assistant Minister Mr Alvick Maharaj to advance youth voices and getting young people to influence youth policy, program development and service delivery in government, schools and community organizations and to encourage communication on what young people see as a flourishing life, and the supports they need to achieve that.

The Alliance for Future Generations – Fiji, reaffirms its continued support to work closely with the elected representatives of both the Government and the Opposition, and hopes that they continue to engage with young people meaningfully and consistently during their term in the next four years.


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